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  • Customer Testimonials

    What you have said...

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Every morning I used to wake up stiff and achy Now I simply step on my machine and get virtually instant relieve.”

    “I used my machine 3 times a day when I first had it, 10 minutes each time. Within just 10 days I had lost 1” from my waistline, 1” from my hips and 3/4” from both thighs. At first I didn’t loose any weight, but who cares! I was toning up and looking slimmer.
    Because of other commitments I only use it once a day now, but I’m still toning up and beginning to loose weight as well.”

    “I’m using my machine for just 5 minutes a day, twice a day. My IBS has improved dramatically and I’m sleeping much better”

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