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  • P.T Consultations

    sq-picHomeGym U.K now offer all  new customers a free consultation with a personal trainer.    We can assess your current fitness level and work out a training programme for your chosen equipment.  We will help you with realistic goal setting, and discuss your dietary needs and ongoing targets.

    This is a totally free service available to those interested in tailored support, because hiring or buying the equipment is only the first step.

    Because we know that most people get better results when  focused on a specific objective, HomeGym U.K are planing a 10k run for Easter next year.  So keep an eye the blog  for more information and entry details...

  • Belly Busting Smoothie

    fatloss_smoothie1Belly Busting Smoothie

    2 medium ripe bananas
    1 large mango (450g)
    5 tbsp low-fat natural yogurt
    2 tbsp pumpkin seeds
    A handful of fresh mint leaves

    Contain a high percentage of water, so you get a lot of food for a relatively small amount of calories.

    The potassium in bananas helps balance fluid levels in your cells, curbing bloating and water retention.

    Natural yogurt
    The calcium found in yogurt helps maintain a healthy bone density and muscle mass while revving up your body’s fat-burning engines.

    Pumpkin seeds
    These seeds are full of good fats that will fire up your metabolism.

    Mint leaves
    Mint is a diuretic so it helps eliminate toxins from the body. It can also ease stomach pain by soothing the digestive tract.

  • The Back Show 2009

    Find relief from your back pain at this years "Back Show" 2-4 October Olympia London

    HomeGym UK will be at this years Back Show and have a  number of free tickets available.  We would love you to come along.  Call 0800 043 2148 to reserve tickets now.

    Hundreds of the latest products to help your back pain.

    • Free expert seminars.
    • Free exercise classes.
    • Free consultations and more...

    HomeGym UK will be on stand 318 showcasing their HealthyHabit Vibration Trainer, so come along and try a session for free.   There is a free prize draw and special offers on all machines ordered at the show.

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