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  • Great South Success

    gsr-picSunday the 25th October saw the 20th Great South Run in Portsmouth bathed in glorious autumnal sunshine.  Running for the Wessex Autistic Society, HomeGym UK director Alan K  recorded a personal best time for the ten miles of 1 hr 18 min's.    Alan was placed 1582nd in the field of 21000. The event winner was Mo Farah in a time of 46.25.   A huge thank you to all his sponsor's for their generous support and donations.  You can still donate at Thank You...

  • Fight Flab Smoothie


    Burning extra fat never tasted so good

    2 peeled grapefruits, 2 peeled oranges, 1  lemon with peel, 140g live low fat yogurt

    Oranges; have high vitamin C content which is great for burning fat.  Vitamin C is also the main producer of the amino acid Carnitine, which helps flush fatty acids and toxins from the body.  Cut into eight and add to the blender.

    Lemons; are full of vitamin C, which has been shown to counteract free radical damage caused by exercise.  Slice and add to blender.

    Grapefruit; is full of fibre and falls low on the glycaemic index.  It  can help stop snack attacks.  They are also high in flavonoids and terpenes that have cancer-preventing properties.  Dice and add to the blender.  Blend the fruit to a fine pulp.

    Yogurt; is a great source of calcium and protein, helping you to stay full for longer.  Research suggests that people who get their calcium from yogurt may lose more weight from around their stomach.  Add the yogurt to the blender and blend again.  If to thick add skimmed milk to thin.

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