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  • Looking to lower your blood pressure? Try Beetroot juice!

    Studies suggest that beetroot juice helps lower blood pressure
    by up to 7% by drinking just a glass a day!

    Beetroot produces naturally high levels of nitrate which helps it give us the health benefits.

    High concentrations of nitrate are also found in celery and cabbage.

    Drinking beetroot juice every day could help to lower blood pressure, say experts.

    They suggest just eight ounces (about one cup) – may help people with high blood pressure reduce their readings by about 7 per cent.

  • Top Tips to burn more calories on a treadmill!

    Want to burn more calories?

    Intervals. Running at a consistent pace is great for longer training runs, but during your intense workouts, take advantage of intervals. By changing between a few minutes faster at a steady pace and adding in bursts of speed at a faster pace you'll burn more calories, build endurance, and become a faster, healthier runner. Also studies show intervals have been proven to reduce belly fat.

    Here's a 30-minute treadmill interval training session to try.

    Gradually increase your speed throughout your training workout. Don't  start your run at a seven mile per hour (mph) pace as you need to give your body a chance to warm up. Start out with a fast walk (4 mph) and every five to 10 minutes, increase your speed slightly until you're running at a 5 to 8 mph pace.

    Run longer. Try mixing up the type of running sessions, ie on days that you're not running intervals or building up speed, do a longer run at a consistent pace. If you run for 30 minutes (at a pace of 10 minutes per mile) you'll burn 270 calories. Forty-five minutes burns 405 calories, and even longer, an hour-long run burns 540 calories.

    Good luck!

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