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  • Are you looking for some treadmill running tips?

    While there is nothing better than running outside, the unpredictable weather, dark nights and dodgy pavements make it challenging at the best of times. With a treadmill at home you can enjoy the variation of different workout, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

    Getting started: If you're a new runner, why not try a 30 minute power walk beginner’s workout? By power walking, you will gain many benefits. It will get your heart rate up and train your body ready for faster speeds and greater distance. If the workout feels too hard or too easy, try adjusting the speed and incline, but remember to give your body time to adjust to the workout at first. Once you feel at ease with the treadmill, why not aim to burn off about 300 calories per hour, if you are struggling for time, try aiming  for 300 calories by increasing the speed and training for 45 mins at a time.

    Now on to the sprints. When you feel like you have mastered the power walk, try upping the pace with the sprints. A 30 minute workout is a great way to start increasing your speed and distance Try alternating between a power walk and sprint and you will soon start to see the benefits as your stamina and fitness levels increases.

    Alternative intervals: Stop the boredom setting in with this 30-minute interval treadmill workout. By changing your running speed every minute, you'll also be keep any weight gains at bay. If you have more time to spare, try running for 45 mins at a time.

    Get in, and get out : If you're short on time but still want to get in a solid run, then try to run for 20 minutes at a time on the treadmill. Not only will you play with speed, but the incline also gradually increases, which means you'll get a challenging workout in under 30 minutes!

    The 500-calorie workout: If you can run for about 60 minutes per day to with this high-interval treadmill workout, then you'll burn about 500 calories. Doing it four times a week, and you are well on your way to losing half a pound.

    Rolling hills: For a bit of variation and  a challenging workout, the rollings hills workout give you the feeling of running through hills without even having to leave your home. After doing the incline variations in this workout, running on a pavement or park will seem very easy in comparison!


  • Why does running make us feel happy?

    Have you ever experienced that joyful feeling whilst out running or training on the treadmill?
    A study by the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre shows that the "runner's high" is caused by dopamine, a neurotransmitter for motivation.

    It has been found that the rewarding effects of endurance activities such as running are controlled by leptin (a hormone key to metabolism).

    Leptin is the hormone found in adipose tissue that helps to control the feeling of being full when eating. The more leptin there is the less we feel like eating. This hormone also plays a role in our motivation to run, which may have evolved from the need to find food in mammals.

    The study suggests that leptin is important both for regulating our energy balance and for motivating us to behave in a way that is rewarding for our metabolism. For example engaging in physical activity to find food. It is suggested that for humans , low leptin levels increase the motivation to exercise resulting in the runners "high". As we have evolved our hormones have evolved to tell us that when food is scarce it is fun to run and find some.

    I don't know about you but this is great news. I can now run to the cake shop safe in the knowledge that it is my hormones telling me to go find some food.

  • Autumn is nearly here.

    It is now the end of the summer holidays and the children are about to go back to school. The holidays were great and you no longer need to worry about that beach body. Apple and blackberry crumble are just around the corner, yum.
    But wait, how will you exercise with the nights drawing in and what if you have one too many of those delicious crumbles?
    Why not hire a piece of gym equipment such as a cross trainer, treadmill or exercise bike to keep you fit this autumn? You can work out in the comfort of your own home as you watch the latest season of Strictly or X-Factor (whichever takes your fancy) knowing that you are keeping healthy and toned no matter what the weather is doing outside.


  • It ain't what you do it's the way that you (get yourself to) do it!

    We all know the importance of regular exercise, the current recommendations are to do 150 minutes of exercise each week. But how to you do that when you have a busy life and the children on summer holiday?
    New research has suggested the key to completing regular exercise is to make it into a habit, therefore making exercise something you automatically do rather than thinking about when and how you are going to manage it.
    Research suggests that interventions to help people start and continue exercise focus on the execution of the exercise (for example the routine you follow at the gym). However it has been found that if people focus on building instigation habits ( the actual process of going to the gym, exercising at home) it results in more frequent exercise.
    For some people the instigation cue may be driving to the gym on the way home from work, for others it might be the alarm at the start of the day prompting them to exercise from home, go for a run or ride a bike.


  • Want to keep the scales tipped in your favour? Weigh yourself daily


    A study has found that a simple strategy for people who want to keep their weight loss off is to weigh themselves daily and track the results. The strategy was found to be particularly effective for both losing weight and keeping it off, especially for men.

    The results were from a two year study recently published in the Journal of Obesity. The study showed that people that had lost weight in the first year were able to keep it off in the second year as a result of tracking their weight. This is important because other studies show that 40% of weight loss is regained in 1 year and almost 100% of weight loss is regained by the end of 5 years.

    The author of the study David Levitsky said that the method of weighing yourself daily "forces you to be aware of the connection between your eating and your weight."


  • 2 minutes walking each hour is the key to offsetting effects of sedentary lifestyle

    A new study in America has shown that walking for 2 minutes longer each hour can offset some of the effects of a sedentary job or lifestyle.
    The study by University of Utah Health Sciences suggested that a low intensity activity such as standing is not enough to offset the hazards of sitting for long periods of time. But did suggest that if 2 minutes of walking was incorporated each hour into a person's routine it might just do the trick.
    Numerous studies have shown that sedentary lifestyles or jobs increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other health conditions. Also considering that a large proportion of people find it difficult to complete the recommended 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week it seems unrealistic to expect that people will fit in even more exercise.
    This is the reason why Utah University set about investigating the health benefits of more achievable goals, trading sitting with light activities for short periods of time.
    The results of the study showed that a trade off of sitting for light intensity activities (such as walking, gardening, cleaning) for two minutes each hour was associated with a 33 percent lower risk of dying.
    While moderate or vigorous activity will use a lot of energy, light exercise activities will use up energy too if repeated many times over the course of a week.
    Lead author Srinivasan Beddhu said "Based on the results of the study we would recommend adding two minutes of walking each hour in combination with normal activities, which should include 2.5 hours of moderate exercise each week."

    It is important to remember that moderate exercise strengthens the heart, muscles and bone and has additional health benefits that low and light intensity activities don't have. However, even small changes to the amount of exercise you take can have a big impact.

  • Short on time? Aerobic not resistance training is best for weight and fat loss.


    A study by researchers in North Carolina, USA has found that when it comes to weight and fat loss aerobic training is better than resistance training.  Three groups of volunteers that were previously sedentary were either asked complete aerobic training or resistance training or a combination of aerobic and resistance training exercises three times a week throughout the study period. The results of the training exercises showed that the aerobic training alone and the aerobic plus resistance training groups lost more weight than the resistance training only group. The resistance only group actually gained weight due to more lean body mass.

    Fat mass and waist circumferences also decreased in the aerobic only and aerobic plus resistance groups but did not change in the resistance only group.

    The findings of the study concluded that for the average person, given limited time to exercise, the advice would be to focus on aerobic training.

  • Study tells how to cut out abdominal fat

    weight-trainingEver wanted to tone up your belly but never really knew how to do it?

    Well a study done by researchers at Harvard University shows that weight training is useful in helping to tone the muscles and lessen the fat around the tummy. However, the best way to tone up your belly is combine weight training with your aerobic exercise.

    "Engaging in resistance training or, ideally, combining it with aerobic exercise could help older adults lessen abdominal fat while increasing or preserving muscle mass." says Rania Mekay (lead author for the study in Obesity journal)

    Therefore, in order to maintain a healthy waistline and healthy weight it is important to include weight training along with aerobic exercise.

  • Looking to tone up? Why not hire a step machine?

    Steppers are the perfect exercise machine to tone up calves, thighs, quads and buttocks, as well as weight loss.

    With the digital display which shows time, step count, calories and heart rate, a step machine is a must for all serious fitness enthusiast.

    By combining hard cardio exercise with efficient strength training on the step machine, you can expect to look and feel toned in no time at all.

    Key benefits include:

    * Great for healthy weight loss

    * Improving heart and lung function.

    A stepper can be hard work, but a great exercise for the committed.

    Call today to book yours on 0800 043 2148


  • Vibration Trainer exercise tips

    The vibrating platform of the Vibration Trainer offers the same benefits as an hour-long gym workout in just 10 minutes, burning up to 350 calories.

    This vibration trainer has been designed to produce therapeutic vibrations from the feet up through your entire body. The vibrating platform causes rapid muscle contractions that work your muscles continuously. These contractions not only build muscle and bone density, but improve flexibility, burn fat, increase metabolism, improve circulation, improve cellular oxygen and nutrient delivery which slows the degenerative/ageing process!

    This machine will not train the body’s cardiovascular system but will make you look and feel great, whilst helping you lose weight. Ten minutes is all it takes! Training little and often gives great benefits with this machine.

    By using the machine for just 5 minutes a day, twice a day, customers have seen their "I.B.S improve dramatically" and "sleeping much better”

    Call us on 0800 043 2148 to book yours today!


  • Tone up with a Cross Trainer this winter!

    Cross trainers have many benefits including;

    * Helping you get toned and supple limbs without the high-impact, muscle-building effects of lifting weights.

    * Maintain effective weight control:

    Cross trainers are a very effective way to burn calories without stressing your body. They work arms and legs at the same time, in addition to flexing your stomach and sides with gentle twisting movements. This leads to an all-over workout and burns calories more effectively than exercising arms or legs only

    * Increase flexibility - tone up for the winter months ahead!

    The range of movements on a cross trainer - side to side, up and down, and forwards and backwards at the same time - are called elliptical, because they move your body in ovals. As well as burning calories, elliptical movements build flexibility without risk.

    * Increase your fitness levels:

    Just a  few sessions a week on a crosstrainer will improve your aerobic fitness

    Perhaps you’ve seen them in a gym: those two-handed and two-footed pieces of equipment that mimic the actions of skiing.

    Why not hire one for a few months to see what benefits it can bring?

    Book yours now - call Homegym on 0800 043 2148


  • Looking to loose weight? Why not hire an I-Joy Ride?

    Its great fun and designed to give you an effortless exercise work-out whilst helping you tone and condition muscles known to help you improve your figure.

    The i-joy ride gives your body the key benefits gained from horse riding which are proven to improve your fitness and wellbeing.

    Proven medical benefits of this type of exercise equipment include, improved circulation and cardiovascular health, as well as increased lymph flow, which boost the immune system and help remove harmful substances from the tissues, which cause conditions like cellulite.

    Why not give it a try?

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  • Special Autumn Offer from HomeGym

    With the long nights drawing in, is it time to think about hiring a treadmill at home?

    Are you looking to get fit, but finding it hard to get to the gym?

    With HomegymUK Autumn special offers, you can hire a treadmill in the comfort of your own home for only £50 per month!!

    Offer available while stocks last for a limited time only.

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  • Special Offer on getting into shape !!!

    Special Offer on getting in shape!!

    Homegym are offering Vibration Trainers at three months for the price of two.

    That is a reduction from £61 per month to just £41.

    If you have ever thought about trying out an easy way to stay in shape and tone up, now is your chance!!

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  • Vibration Trainers - check out our top exercise tips!

    Vibration trainers have been designed to produce therapeutic vibrations from the feet up through your entire body.

    The  vibrating platform offers the same benefits as an hour-long gym workout in just 10 minutes,burning up to 350 calories.

    Top benefits include:

    1. Vibration exercise burns fat & cellulite.

    2. Vibration exercise tones & tightens skin.

    3. It can increase your strength dramatically in just a few short weeks.

    4. It can increase your serotonin levels which improve your mood and energy levels.

    5. It decreases joint pain and blood pressure.

    6. And will increase your flexibility & balance.

    Read more in these articles;

    Call now to book your hire machine 0800 043 2148


  • Top tips to maximise your treadmill workout

    When you have a treadmill, why not aim to make the most of it by using these treadmill tips!

    To Burn More Calories

    •  Do intervals training:  Running flat out is great for consistent training, but to burn more calories, try alternating the treadmill speeds. By running at a moderate pace, and adding bursts of speeds, you will burn more calories as well as making you a better runner.

    •  Find a comfortable level. Gently increase your speed during your training session: You don’t need to start your training sessions at 7mph, so begin with a fast walk (3-4 mph) for five minutes, and gently increase it to until you get to 7-8 mph.

    •   Run for longer: Try to change your training sessions which will keep you fresh and build your fitness, so on days you are not building up speed, run for a consistent amount of time.

    •   To Strengthen Your Muscles

    •   Increase the incline: Hill climbs help to target your thighs, calves, and lower body, so by increasing the incline, you will notice you have more strength in your legs.

    •   Introduce walking lunges: By taking wider steps, at a much slower pace, this will help to tone your lower body and legs.

    •   Try to let go of the handlebars. By not holding on to the handrails, this will help tone up your biceps , whilst also improving your balance and posture.

    To increase your speed -

    Introduce tempo runs: To run faster, you must practice running at a faster pace. Tempo work involves running slightly faster than your normal speed for a sensible level of time.

    Set yourself a comfortable pace on the treadmill and keep running!

    Why not try renting a treadmill?

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  • Top tips for a healthy holiday!

    Looking forward to a well earned holiday in the sun?

    Why not make a plan to make sure your body is prepared, and avoid illness, and putting on weight.

    Tip 1)  Avoid excessive eating

    Before you go away, cut down on snacks before meals, and be careful what you eat when on holiday

    Studies that in 2 weeks on holiday, we put on between 2 - 4 extra pounds

    Tip 2)  Prepare your body for different foods

    Eating bio yogurts can help prepare your body for "exotic foods and helps to line your stomach and flush out any unwanted bacteria whilst on holidays, especially in hotter climates.

    Tip 3)  Avoid eating sweet foods

    This will help ward off insects and bugs, and should reduce the risk of  bites and infections.

    Add  garlic to your diet which is a great antiviral remedy.

    Tip 4)  Start to relax and look forward to your holiday

    Being stressed before your holiday increases certain types of hormones in your body, that suppresses our natural immune system  reducing our ability to fight infections.

    Tip 5)  Think about your skin - moisturize before you go

    If you can prepare your skin for the heat, then it minimizes the risk of getting burnt.

    Tip 6)  Avoid excessive alcohol.

    Give your liver a chance to reduce the amount of toxins in your body before you go.

    Enjoy your holiday!

  • Increasing the amount of coffee may reduce the risk of diabetes

    Increasing the amount of coffee may reduce the risk of diabetes

    Studies suggest increasing the amount of coffee people drink is linked to a reduced risk of developing diabetes.

    Also, people who reduce their coffee intake may see an increase in their risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

    However, it is not all great news for coffee lovers -people should be very careful about making a link between how much coffee they drink to how likely they are to developing the disease. It is said that any increase or decrease in risk could be linked to many factors that have nothing to do with coffee


  • Tips To Designing Your Own Home Gym

    Tips To Designing Your Own Home Gym

    There is nothing better than a home gym; it gives you more motivation as it’s so convenient, it’s private so there’s no feeling of judgement and best of all its cost effective as you can hire all the latest equipment. In order to make a good and effective home gym then you need to make sure you effectively plan and design it, there are a few things to consider in doing this.

    A crucial error when first making your own gym is not leaving enough space for extra equipment, as you exercise more you may want to take on more challenges in terms of equipment so it’s important that you leave enough space to fit more in and move things around. It’s also suggested that your home gym should have a ceiling height of at least 7ft to ensure none of the larger equipment damages the ceiling.


    The idea of exercise is to work hard and sweat, since home gyms tend to be a bit smaller than actual gyms meaning it’s going to be very hot and sweaty so we can’t stress this enough, your gym needs to be very well ventilated! Make sure you have several windows and fans dotted around the gym in order to keep cool.

    Electric Sockets

    You’re electric sockets need to be well placed throughout the gym, as having tons of extension cables isn’t ideal. Also make sure that you have plenty of sockets as you have entertainment, equipment and fans to think about.

    Lights produce Halogen, which helps improve your training significantly. Good lighting is essential as it can also affect your mood and desire to exercise.


    Gym mirrors are essential to getting the best out of your exercise routine as they improve your technique. It’s easier to correct something you are doing wrong by looking in a mirror, not only does it do that it also gives you more motivation to get rid of any unwanted fat.

    Floor Surface

    Your choice of floor is more critical than it may seem, tiles and hardwood flooring is suggest as they are low maintenance and tend not to be damaged as easy as alternatives. Carpet tiles are another quite popular choice as if they get damaged you don’t need to replace the entire floor. It’s also a good idea that around certain equipment such as dumbbells to put rubber mats, dropping a dumbbell after exercising will damage regular floor, rubber mats will absorb some of that impact.


    Get a TV and Sound System in your gym, working out with just the noise of machinery is boring, very boring. Having a TV to watch will make time pass much quicker and motivate you more when you’re working out, the same can be said for a sound system, music motivates you to exercise faster giving you a better work out.


    Oh of course, we almost forgot equipment! What would a gym be without equipment? This is completely up to what you believe you would benefit from, exercise bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, dumbbells, barbells. The best thing is you can hire all the latest equipment so your home gym can stay up to date alongside the leaders in the industry. Remember this is your home gym, you don’t have to exercise on equipment that you don’t want to just because the machine you want to go on is being used.


  • Top low carb snacks

    What are the top 5 low carb snacks?

    When you get a snack attack most people's response is to reach for the old classics - crisps, biscuits and chocolate.

    Although they are tasty, they are often full of calories and offer little nutritional value. If you're trying to lose weight and reduce carbs here are some healthy alternative options.

    Low carb doesn’t always mean low calorie.

    1. Have a roll.

    Imagine a sandwich - but without the bread or wrap!

    Add a lettuce leaf instead of bread, remove the centre stalk and add some turkey, chicken or ham on top.

    Roll it up in the same way as you would a wrap.

    Alternatively, you could use a slice of cold meat as the 'bread'. Spread it with cottage cheese or lower fat cream cheese and roll it up.

    2. Eggs

    Eggs are packed full of protein and nearly carb-free. They help you feel fuller for longer and can be cooked in many ways. Hard boiled eggs make a great snack and it only takes minutes to scramble egg or make a quick omelette when hunger strikes.

    3. Fish

    Fish can be an easy low carb snack option. Buy small cans of tuna, sardines, salmon, and snack when you feel peckish.

    4. Have an avocado

    Half an avocado provides just  9g of carbs, and only 15g of fat which gives avocado its texture.

    5. Seafood

    Prawns and shellfish are naturally low in carb. Try a healthy lunch with a prawn stir-fry. Slice carrot, a onions, cabbage and mushrooms. Stir-fry the prawns and vegetables with olive oil, some crushed garlic and soy sauce for a quick and, tasty snack.

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