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  • Wedding Shows


    HomeGym UK are exhibiting at six wedding shows in 2010.

    We will be on hand to offer advise on getting fit, toning up and looking your best for the big day. We have a limited number of free tickets available, please call and reserve yours now.

    The dates and venues are; 17th January The Wessex Hotel Bournemouth 12-4pm, 31st January The Novotel Bristol city center, 21st February The Lighthouse Poole, 28th February Holiday Inn Taunton, 28th March The Opera House Bournemouth, and the 17th October The Holiday Inn Taunton.

  • Great South Success

    gsr-picSunday the 25th October saw the 20th Great South Run in Portsmouth bathed in glorious autumnal sunshine. Running for the Wessex Autistic Society, HomeGym UK director Alan K recorded a personal best time for the ten miles of 1 hr 18 min's.   Alan was placed 1582nd in the field of 21000. The event winner was Mo Farah in a time of 46.25.   A huge thank you to all his sponsor's for their generous support and donations. You can still donate at www.justgiving.com/alankingsland Thank You...

  • Fight Flab Smoothie


    Burning extra fat never tasted so good

    2 peeled grapefruits, 2 peeled oranges, 1Â lemon with peel, 140g live low fat yogurt

    Oranges; have high vitamin C content which is great for burning fat. Vitamin C is also the main producer of the amino acid Carnitine, which helps flush fatty acids and toxins from the body. Cut into eight and add to the blender.

    Lemons; are full of vitamin C, which has been shown to counteract free radical damage caused by exercise. Slice and add to blender.

    Grapefruit; is full of fibre and falls low on the glycaemic index. It can help stop snack attacks. They are also high in flavonoids and terpenes that have cancer-preventing properties. Dice and add to the blender. Blend the fruit to a fine pulp.

    Yogurt; is a great source of calcium and protein, helping you to stay full for longer. Research suggests that people who get their calcium from yogurt may lose more weight from around their stomach. Add the yogurt to the blender and blend again. If to thick add skimmed milk to thin.

  • P.T Consultations

    sq-picHomeGym U.K now offer all  new customers a free consultation with a personal trainer.   We can assess your current fitness level and work out a training programme for your chosen equipment.  We will help you with realistic goal setting, and discuss your dietary needs and ongoing targets.

    This is a totally free service available to those interested in tailored support, because hiring or buying the equipment is only the first step.

    Because we know that most people get better results when focused on a specific objective, HomeGym U.K are planing a 10k run for Easter next year. So keep an eye the blog for more information and entry details...

  • Belly Busting Smoothie

    fatloss_smoothie1Belly Busting Smoothie

    Ingredients 2 medium ripe bananas 1 large mango (450g) 5 tbsp low-fat natural yogurt 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds A handful of fresh mint leaves

    Mangoes Contain a high percentage of water, so you get a lot of food for a relatively small amount of calories.

    Bananas The potassium in bananas helps balance fluid levels in your cells, curbing bloating and water retention.

    Natural yogurt The calcium found in yogurt helps maintain a healthy bone density and muscle mass while revving up your body’s fat-burning engines.

    Pumpkin seeds These seeds are full of good fats that will fire up your metabolism.

    Mint leaves Mint is a diuretic so it helps eliminate toxins from the body. It can also ease stomach pain by soothing the digestive tract.

  • The Back Show 2009

    Find relief from your back pain at this years "Back Show" 2-4 October Olympia London

    HomeGym UK will be at this years Back Show and have a number of free tickets available. We would love you to come along. Call 0800 043 2148 to reserve tickets now.

    Hundreds of the latest products to help your back pain.

    • Free expert seminars.
    • Free exercise classes.
    • Free consultations and more...

    HomeGym UK will be on stand 318 showcasing their HealthyHabit Vibration Trainer, so come along and try a session for free.  There is a free prize draw and special offers on all machines ordered at the show.

  • Cancer (reduce the risk)

    Newsflash ---Half of all cancers could be prevented by lifestyle changes. Changes like eating healthier, giving up smoking, exercising regularly and many more. Check the Cancer Research web site on http://www.reducetherisk.org.uk/ . There are ten top tips listed to help you improve your life and your future. Good luck.

  • Omega 3 EPA

    Natures Sunshine Omega3 EPA is a better alternative to "Cod Liver Oil".
    Essential fatty acids must be obtained from the diet and connot be produced by the body. A diet lacking fatty acids can result in certain food cravings, thus reports have shown that a diet high in essential fatty acids can result in weight loss. Omega 3 EPA is linked with brain function and joint mobility, but other positive benefits include better skin, lung function and circulation. It is reccomended we eat three meals per week that include fish oil, so most of us require a quality fish oil supplement. Try this one...

  • Synerprotein A fantastic Supplement.

    Synerprotein is one of the most carefully formulated, well respected protein supplements available today. It provides high quality protein which is dairy free, wheat free, gluten free and virtually fat free.

    Available in original or chocolate flavours, this powdered drink can be mixed with water, milk or juice.

    Protein is the first food category that should enter the stomach in the morning and will help balance our blood sugar, reduce sugar cravings and provide sustained levels of of energy thoughout the day. Taking Synerprotein regularly will help improve the health of your hair, skin and nails... Try it by calling 0800 0432148 with your order. (448g £15.50)

  • Zambroza (Youth Juice)

    If you and your family are not drinking this fantastic antioxident drink then you should be. Vital Energy is the feeling when you wake up in the morning and can't wait to get the day started...Thats the feeling you get when you use Zambroza.

    Scientists have found ten elite, nutrient rich foods, highly regarded for their amazing nutritional value. From these foods they created a unique juice blend that not only tastes great but gives your body what it needs to enjoy maximum health and long lasting vital energy.

    Zambroza is the most Powerful Antioxident supplement on the market today and has been specialy formulated to neutralise free radicals (one of the greatest threats to our overall health). A great tasting drink taken daily that can help prevent premature ageing, increase vital energy, boost the immune system and protect your body from Fee Radical Damage. It is truly a life changing discovery that Homegym want to share. (458ml £21.50)

    Call 0800 0432148 for more details or to place an order.

  • Customer Testimonials

    What you have said...

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Every morning I used to wake up stiff and achy Now I simply step on my machine and get virtually instant relieve.â€

    “I used my machine 3 times a day when I first had it, 10 minutes each time. Within just 10 days I had lost 1†from my waistline, 1†from my hips and 3/4†from both thighs. At first I didn’t loose any weight, but who cares! I was toning up and looking slimmer.
    Because of other commitments I only use it once a day now, but I’m still toning up and beginning to loose weight as well.â€

    “I’m using my machine for just 5 minutes a day, twice a day. My IBS has improved dramatically and I’m sleeping much betterâ€

  • A Run in the Sun

    Shakespeare Marathon

    Sunday 27th April 2008. The hottest day of the year so far, saw Robin and Alan running the Shakespeare Marathon in Stratford upon Avon.

    3500 runners took part on what was forecast to be a wet an unpleasant day. The weather turned out hot and sunny with Robin running a 3hr36 and Alan a 4hr02.

    The course was pleasant through the town but after two and a half miles turned out onto country lanes for two laps on roads with few supporters and not much to look at.

    The organisers had done a great job with plenty of marshals and lots of water stops. Most runners found the last three miles very tough along the disused railway in direct sunlight, but all got a great welcome upon arriving riverside opposite the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. There is a rumour that the Berlin Marathon may feature later in the year, but I am reserving judgement until my legs recover. More later...

  • Rome is "Job Done"

    Rome Marathon 2008.

    On 16th March 2008 Homegym Director Alan and his friend Robin completed the 14th Rome Marathon. This was Alan's forth marathon and the weather was great for the occasion.

    Narrow streets, slow Italians and cobble stones hampered early progress but he completed the task in four hours and one minute. The route was very pretty passing many famous landmarks including : The Trevi Fountain, St Peters Basilica, Piazza Navona and the Colosseum.

    Thank you all very much for your good luck wishes and support during the long dark hours of training.

    Next stop the Shakespeare Marathon 27th April, and a chance to break the four hour barrier !!!!

  • Pill Free Pain Relief

    Magnotherapy has been used for pain relief in hospitals across the world for many years. This technology has now been adapted as a range of ceramic "Central Reverse Polarity" magnetic bracelets.

    Magnotherapy bracelets have been proven effective for Arthritis, Sciatica, Migraines, Esma, Period pains, and many more. Bioflow magnets are also available in a range of pet collars and have given dogs and cats relief from a similar range of ailments.

    Homegym directors Alan and Tricia both use these bracelets for pain relief and can testify as to their effectiveness, he for Sciatica and she for Arthritis.

    Homegym-hire supply the full range of Bioflow pain relieving bracelets and collars on a free three month trial. So you have nothing to loose but the pain.

    For details and a catalogue please call 0800 0432148 and ask for Alan.

  • Natures Sunshine

    Natures Sunshine are the world's largest encapsulator of herbs, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. They use only the very best natural organic ingredients from across the world. Over three hundred quality control procedures are used to check the potency and purity of all their products.

    The need for dietry supplementation is a modern problem created by intensive farming, poor diet, processed food, and our polluted world. We all require these supplements to achieve our recommended intakes of essential vitamins and minerals. In short if you're not using Natures Sunshine products as part of your daily diet YOU SHOULD BE!!!

  • Liquid Chlorophyll

    Liquid Chlorophyll is the natural substance responsible for a plants green colour. Among its many benefits, Chlorophyll helps purify the blood, encourages proper bowel movement, helps eliminate body odour, improves liver function, acts as a rejuvenative tonic, improves circulation, reduces inflammation and helps balance the pH of the body.

    Mix one teaspoon (5ml) of liquid Chlorophyll with a glass of water to enjoy this products extensive health promoting properties. In addition to a great tasting "minty drink" which the whole family can enjoy, Liquid Chlorophyll has effective cleansing properties that make it the ideal drink to have during a detox programme.

    This must have health drink is just £9.95 and can be ordered from Homegym-hire by calling 0800 0432148. You're worth it so make a change today!

  • The Great Dorset Steam Fair

    Homegym will be Exhibiting at this year's Great Dorset Steam Fair. We will have a selection of machines on show and a free prize draw. Special offers will be available on machines bought or hired at the show. Come and meet us for a chat, discuss your requirements, check our prices and make a booking. Free balloons for all the kids. The event takes place at Tarrant Hinton in Dorset from Wednesday 29th August to Sunday 2nd September. More information on-line at ; http://www.gdsf.co.uk/

    See you there!!
  • Train your lungs!

    Power Breathe "for anyone who breathes". This clever and simple device strengthens your diaphragm and breathing muscles, thus helping improve your V02 Max. Just 30 breaths twice a day will improve your training sessions beyond measure. Breathe right-train right. Available at all good running shops. Try http://www.runningfree.net/
  • Five Days to Go!

    Yes its just five days until the New Forest and Hampshire County Show. Gates open 8:45 on Tuesday 24th July at New Park, Brockenhurst SO42 7QH. Entry is £15 per adult, £12 per senior Citizen, £7 per child and £37 for the whole family. For full information and ticket discounts go to http://www.newforestshow.co.uk/
    Homegym-Hire will be showcasing the Proform 2007 range of fitness equipment. We will be offering discounts on new and second hand machines, second hand treadmills start at £200 with new from an amazing £399. There will be 10% savings on all hires booked at the show, and a free prize draw. Come and enjoy this great family day out !!
  • Welcome to Homegym News

    Homegym-Hire is a Dorset based hire company, specialising in the hire and sales of quality cardiovascular fitness equipment. We hire and sell Treadmills, Elliptical trainers, Steppers, Rowing machines, three types of exercise bike and much more. We can usually supply machines within one week of your enquiry. Hire fees are charged per calender month and the minimum hire period is one month. Fees start from £15 with a Treadmill costing £50 per month. Why buy a machine when you can hire one at a fraction of the cost? We require one weeks notice when you down-hire and will collect the machine with a minimum of fuss. We provide a friendly and professional service and you can visit our website at http://www.homegym-hire.co.uk/ .

    The company is the brainchild of Patricia K who hates the "GYM" environment but needed to exercise following a skiing accident. Alan and Patricia started trading in 2005, and the business has gone from strength to strength, with machines on hire all over the South of England.

    This Blog has been set-up to keep our current and prospective clients informed of events offers and general news on a weekly basis. Please feel free to post comments and make suggestions as to the blogs/businesses activities and services...
    Thank you

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