Bremshey Orbit Pacer Elliptical Crosstrainer

Includes a new easy to use console with a large LCD display.

Months Hire & Cost:

Equivalent Weekly Cost

  • 6 months or more: £60 per mth  (£14pw)

  • 4 month hire: £64 per mth(£14.50pw)

  • 3 month hire: £66 per mth(£15pw)

  • 2 month hire: £68 per mth(£15.50pw)

  • 1 month hire: £70 per mth(£16pw)

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Product Description


Includes a new easy to use console with a large LCD display. The Pacer16R Cross Trainer has a servo-adjusted magnetic brake, 12 user programs and Ergometer features (accurate energy measurement in watts).

Months Hire & Cost:

  • 6 months or more: £60 per mth
  • 4 month hire: £64 per mth
  • 3 month hire: £66 per mth
  • 2 month hire: £68 per mth
  • 1 month hire: £70 per mth


Console Displays Time, distance, speed, RPM, Ergometer, energy consumption and training power which give feedback of the relevant information you need in your workout.
Programs/profiles 12 programs - quick start, manual, constant Watt, constant Heart Rate Control, 6 presets, 1 user, Heart Rate max limit
Pulse Measurement Handgrip (optional chest-belt available at extra cost)
Resistance System Magnetic with servo adjustment for smooth workout.
Flywheel Mass 28kg
Power Output 250W / 60RPM
Power System Mains Power - no need for batteries
Overall Size 135 x 62 x 158cm
Weight 55kg (9 st)
Max User Weight 135kg (21st)
Stride Length 16'' (40 cm)
EN-957 Class HA
Product Warranty Frame 15yrs
Parts and Labour 2yrs.

Exercise Tips

Crosstrainer exercise tips

If you'd like toned and supple limbs but don't like the high-impact, muscle-building effects of lifting weights, look into a crosstrainer. Perhaps you’ve seen them in a gym: those two-handed and two-footed pieces of equipment that mimic the actions of skiing. Crosstrainers are ideal if you want to lose some weight, become more flexible, or increase your everyday fitness.

Weight loss

Crosstrainers are a very effective way to burn calories without stressing your body. They work arms and legs at the same time, in addition to flexing your stomach and sides with gentle twisting movements. This leads to an all-over workout and burns calories more effectively than exercising arms or legs only. So crosstrainers are an ideal way to lose weight.

Become flexible

Staying flexible helps to maintain muscle tone and keeps all your muscles active - which means fewer mobility problems as you age. The range of movements on a cross trainer - side to side, up and down, and forwards and backwards at the same time - are called elliptical, because they move your body in ovals. As well as burning calories, elliptical movements build flexibility without risk.

Increase fitness

A few sessions a week on a crosstrainer will improve your aerobic fitness - the basic conditioning that lets you walk, run, or swim without getting out of breath too quickly. Better aerobic fitness means more energy.