Bremshey Cardio Pacer ER Recumbent Cycle

It is great for lower body strength training and post operative mobility rehabilitation.

Equivalent Weekly Cost

  • 6 months or more: £50 per mth(£12pw)

  • 4 month hire: £54 per mth(£12.50pw)

  • 3 month hire: £56 per mth(£13pw)

  • 2 month hire: £58 per mth(£13.50pw)

  • 1 month hire: £60 per mth(£14pw)

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Product Description


It is great for lower body strength training and post operative mobility rehabilitation.

Months Hire & Cost:

  • 6 months or more: £50 per mth
  • 4 month hire: £54 per mth
  • 3 month hire: £56 per mth
  • 2 month hire: £58 per mth
  • 1 month hire: £60 per mth


Flywheel 9kg / 20 lbs
Rotating Mass 13 kg / 28.7 lbs
Brake PMS, servo adjustment
Crank 3pc Crank
Transport Wheels Yes
Display Colour LCD Backlit
Rotary Knob Yes
Training Power Yes
Recovery HR Yes
Body Fat Yes
Power Supply Mains current
User Programmes 4, each user has 1 user program
Preset Programmes 6
HRC 55%, 75%,90%, TAG
Fitness Test Body mass test
Seat Adjustment Horizontal & angle
Seat Mesh back
Handlebars Angle adjustment
Contact Heart Rate Yes
Chest Belt Option Yes
Assembled Dimensions Length: 176cm x Width: 66cm x Height: 125cm
Maximum User Weight 135 kg / 300 lbs / 21 Stone

Exercise Tips

The recumbent stationary bike is the one that has a backrest with the pedals out in front. It will give you a good lower body workout and is great for cardio fitness and weight loss.

The main advantage of using a recumbent bike over the conventional upright model is it places less stress on your lower spine. Because it has a backrest, it also offers a more comfortable ride.

When using the recumbent bike, start slow with a gentle warm up, then gradually increase your speed by simply pedalling faster. You have the option of increasing the resistance. Do this regularly, as you adapt to the bike. This will place more emphasis on your leg muscles and ensure you keep making progress.

Proper form is important when using the recumbent bike. Maintain a straight posture with your back tight against the backrest the whole time you workout and push hard with your legs when pedalling. Follow this same pattern if you grasp the side handles. Make sure you finish with a slow pedalling cool down…