i-joy ride Testimonials

"My friend told be about the healthy rider its great fun and I think I’m hooked."

"Really fun to use and great service thanks homegym."

"What a blast even my husband is starting to lose his love handles."

"Giddy-up belly buster! great fun and great service thank you homegym."

"We didn’t know you could hire exercise equipment brilliant service thanks."

i-joy ride - horse riding exercise machine

The i-joy ride is the latest hi-tech horse riding machine. It is designed to give you an effortless exercise work-out whilst helping you tone and condition muscles known to help you improve your figure.

The i-joy ride gives your body the key benefits gained from horse riding which are proven to improve your fitness and wellbeing.

Proven medical benefits of this type of exercise equipment include, improved circulation and cardiovascular health, as well as increased lymph flow, which boost the immune system and help remove harmful substances from the tissues, which cause conditions like cellulite.

i joy ride machine

i-joy ride exercise tips

The i-joy ride brings home several unique exercise options, firming and strengthening your hips, abs, lumbar and obliques.

You’ll never have more fun exercising than with this balance trainer!

With its patented triple-axis riding motion, this machine tones and tightens four core muscle groups without putting pressure or stress on joints.

Test your skill with any one of four speeds, or select the auto-program and the Human Touch I-Joy Ride will combine them all into a fun and challenging exercise program.

Just saddle up on the comfortable foam seat, select your programme and enjoy the many health benefits offered by the i-joy ride.

The Benefits of Hiring exercise equipment.

  • 1) No costly purchase price.
  • 2) No annual membership or joining fees.
  • 3) No travelling to and from the Gym.
  • 4) No child care issues.
  • 5) The opportunity to try before you buy.

Why use HomeGym UK

  • 1) Very high levels of customer service
  • 2) Hire fees paid by the month.
  • 3) Top quality equipment.
  • 4) Very competitive rates.
  • 5) We can provide evening and weekend delivery.
  • 6) Franchisees across the south.
  • 7) 'i-joy ride' hires from just one month and prices from £50 (£11 per week)

I-Joy Ride Machine Maintenance

The Human Touch I-Joy Ride is a reliable machine and is maintained between hires. If you detect a perceived fault please call us and an engineer will call to repair or exchange your machine.

The Human Touch i-joy ride Specification

This small fun machine has proved popular with the ladies for core muscle development and tummy trimming. It is small enough to hide away between workouts and quiet enough to use watching the television.

We consult with all customers, and ensure a match with the correct machine.

Our customers will benefit from this fun, convenient and efficient workout at home.

The I-Joy Ride Specification is:

Power: Mains
Type: horse riding saddle
Max user weight: 120kg
Net unit weight: 25kg
Dimensions (cm) 76 (l) 26 (w) 36 (h)
Dimensions (inch) 30 (l) 10 (w) 14 (h)

i-joy ride

Months Hire:
Monthly Cost:
4 month hires
£50 per mth
3 month hires
£52 per mth
1 or 2 month
£54 per mth
Equivalent Weekly Cost: £11

Hire an I-Joy Ride horse riding exercise machine

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