Step Machine Testimonials

"Hard work just as I remembered, good though."

"Really professional service and a quality stepper thanks."

"Top machine I am back to losing weight."

"Happy happy happy weight is falling off!"

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Steppers combine hard cardio exercise with efficient strength training. They tone calves, thighs, quads and buttocks. Great for healthy weight loss and improving heart and lung function. Hard work but great exercise for the committed.

Digital display shows time, step count, calories and heart rate. A Step machine is a must for all serious fitness enthusiasts. HomeGym recommended!

Stepper exercise tips

stepper exercise tips

The Stepper helps you strength train the lower body, toning and shaping calves, thighs and buttocks. This low impact training machine is excellent for cardiovascular exercise and all round fitness.  It is hard work but gives great results for the committed enthusiast.

This is a large machine with adjustable resistance, the training computer displays time, speed, step count and pulse rate etc. 

As with the crosstrainer less resistance will increase the cardiovascular element of your exercise. Greater resistance will place less stress on the heart and lungs but help strengthen and tone the lower body.  This is also a great machine for calorie burning and will help increase your metabolism.

Start slowly and build your workout with small time and resistance steps.  When your target time is reached comfortably, decrease the resistance (the same time will now require more effort!)  As your fitness level improves alternate time and resistance target increases and decreases to progress your training.

Remember to maintain good hydration levels with regular sips of water, before, during and after each session.  Wipe the machine down after each session.

The Benefits of Hiring exercise equipment.

  • 1) No costly purchase price.
  • 2) No annual membership or joining fees.
  • 3) No travelling to and from the Gym.
  • 4) No child care issues.
  • 5) The opportunity to try before you buy.

Why use HomeGym UK

  • 1) Very high levels of customer service
  • 2) Hire fees paid by the month.
  • 3) Top quality equipment.
  • 4) Very competitive rates.
  • 5) We can provide evening and weekend delivery.
  • 6) Franchisees across the south.
  • 7) Stepper hires from just one month and prices from £60 (£13 per week)

Step Machine Maintenance

All servicing, maintenance and repairs on hired steppers are the responsibility of HomeGym. This consists of lubrication cleaning and adjustments at intervals determined by the levels of use. It is the responsibility of the hirer to report any faults as soon as they are detected. Most machines are very robust and faults are normally simple to rectify.

Step Machine Specification

We supply two types of semi-commercial stepper, both from top manufacturers. These are strong stable and imposing machines, built for a serious workout. We consult with all customers to ensure that a stepper is suitable for individual training requirements.

Our customers will benefit from smooth and silent operation of this quality machine.

A typical exercise step machine specification is:

Power: Mains
Max user weight: 135kg
Net unit weight: 75kg
Dimensions (cm) 92 (l) 86 (w) 140 (h)
Dimensions (inch) 36 (l) 34 (w) 55 (h)

Step Machines

Months Hire:
Monthly Cost:
4 month hires
£60 per mth
3 month hires
£62 per mth
1 or 2 month
£64 per mth
Equivalent Weekly Cost: £13

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