Vibration Trainer Testimonials

“I used my machine 3 times a day when I first had it, 10 minutes each time. Within just 10 days I had lost 1 inch from my waistline, 1 inch from my hips and ¾ of an inch from both thighs. At first I didn’t loose any weight, but who cares! I was toning up and looking slimmer. Because of other commitments I only use it once a day now, but I’m still toning up and beginning to lose weight as well.”

“I’m using my machine for just 5 minutes a day, twice a day. My I.B.S has improved dramatically and I’m sleeping much better”

Vibration Trainer exercise machine

Just ten minutes a day will change your life!

In order to stay happy and healthy we need a good diet and regular exercise. Unfortunately our increasingly busy lives hamper our best intentions. In order to become healthier and stronger we need to dedicate precious time that we often can't spare.

However 10 minutes per day isn’t too long and requires much less dedication. So Vibration training may just be  the answer we've all been waiting for. Short and regular sessions on your Vibration trainer will strenghen your muscles, tone your body and make you look and feel great, with very little effort.

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HomeGym Vibration Trainers - get the healthy habit today

Vibration Trainer exercise tips

The vibrating platform of the Vibration Trainer offers the same benefits as an hour-long gym workout in just 10 minutes, burning up to 350 calories.

This vibration trainer has been designed to produce therapeutic vibrations from the feet up through your entire body. The vibrating platform causes rapid muscle contractions that work your muscles continuously.  These contractions not only build muscle and bone density, but improve flexibility, burn fat, increase metabolism, improve circulation, improve cellular oxygen and nutrient delivery which slows the degenerative/ageing process!

This machine will not train the body’s cardiovascular system but will make you look and feel great, whilst helping you lose weight.

Ten minutes is all it takes!

Training little and often gives great benefits with this machine.

The Benefits of Hiring exercise equipment.

  • 1) No costly purchase price.
  • 2) No annual membership or joining fees.
  • 3) No travelling to and from the Gym.
  • 4) No child care issues.
  • 5) The opportunity to try before you buy.

Why use HomeGym UK

  • 1) Very high levels of customer service
  • 2) Hire fees paid by the month.
  • 3) Top quality equipment.
  • 4) Very competitive rates.
  • 5) We can provide evening and weekend delivery.
  • 6) Franchisees across the south.
  • 7) Vibration Trainer hires from just one month and prices from £57 (£13 per week)

Vibration Trainer Maintenance

Vibration trainers hired from HomeGym are serviced and maintained between hires. These machines are very reliable and rarely require repair. Customers are asked to report any perceived faults to the HomeGym office as soon as detected.

“I’ve saved a fortune on Physio bills! After a day’s heavy lifting, a session on my vibration trainer is perfect for soothing my back. I’m convinced that regular use has helped strengthen my core muscles.”

“I have MS and was unable to walk far without sticks. I have been using my vibration trainer for 3 months and my leg muscles have improved so much that the distance I can go is much further. My two sons and husband are also using it. Every home should have one! Ours is in the lounge, its so quiet that we use it whilst watching the TV.”

“I was introduced to the Vibration Trainer at Weight-Watchers, what a fantastic machine. It was just what we needed to support our new eating regime. The whole family has benefited and has taken on a new lease of life.”

“We had stood on a lineal machine before, and quickly jumped off - it was a horrible sensation that made me feel quite ill. And I’m sure the noise would have gone right through the house. Your machine is quiet, well built and a pleasure to use.”

“For the last ten years I have been suffering from a deteriorating neurological condition similar to Multiple Sclerosis.   This effects my leg strength, sensation and therefore my ability to walk.  Also, it causes fatigue, and problems with my balance, leading to falls, injuries, and trips to A & E! These problems considerably restrict my ability to exercise, although I have been advised by a Neuro Physiotherapist that exercise will help maintain my mobility at an optimum level for as long as possible. For the last two months I have been using a Vibration Trainer at home - either two or three times a day.  Previously I have used an elbow crutch to help me walk and balance.  Since using the machine I have noticed that I am relying on the crutch less. I believe this is due to strengthened core muscles, which help with my balance. The friendly service and support I have received from HomeGym team has been invaluable, knowing they are there for me if I have any problems gives complete peace of mind."

Vibration Trainer

Months Hire:
Monthly Cost:
4 month hires
£57 per mth
3 month hires
£59 per mth
1 or 2 month
£61 per mth
Equivalent Weekly Cost: £13

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