Recumbent Cycle Testimonials

"I hired a bike from homegym after a knee operation, very good service and a quality exercise bike thanks."

"Great price and great machine thank you."

"HomeGym were recommended by my physiotherapist to build up leg muscles. It seems to be working so far. I’m back to exercise, and the leg is getting stonger every day."

"Great bike fits in the flat really well thanks."

Recumbent cycle exercise machine

This delux machine is frequently recommended by physiotherapists for post-operative rehabilitation exercise.  It is low and very stable and ideal for upper and lower leg muscles, knee and hip joints.

The relaxed seating position is very popular with those suffering from back pain.

Advanced computer consol displays Speed, Time, Distance, Calories and Pulse-rate.

Mains electric adaptor means that the consol controls the machines resistance for smooth and silent operation.

Recumbent Cycling exercise tips

The recumbent stationary bike is the one that has a backrest with the pedals out in front. It will give you a good lower body workout and is great for cardio fitness and weight loss.

The main advantage of using a recumbent bike over the conventional upright model is it places less stress on your lower spine. Because it has a backrest, it also offers a more comfortable ride.

When using the recumbent bike, Start slow with a gentle warm up, then gradually increase your speed by simply pedalling faster. You have the option of increasing the resistance. Do this regularly, as you adapt to the bike. This will place more emphasis on your leg muscles and ensure you to keep making progress.

Proper form is important when using the recumbent bike. Maintain a straight posture with your back tight against the backrest the whole time you workout and push hard with your legs when pedalling. Follow this same pattern if you grasp the side handles. Make sure you finish with a slow pedalling cool down…

Bremshey Control ER Recumbent Cycle

The Control ER Recumbent Cycle from Bremshey is the epitome of efficient training and optimum comfort. This Recumbent Cycle offers a total of 18 programs and displays Time, Distance, Speed, RPM, Energy Consumption, Training Power (W) and Heart Rate with a high level of accuracy on its Colour LCD Backlit Display.

Also featured is a Quick Start training mode, as well as various Pre-set, User and HRC Scaleable programs, to offer the perfect program for almost any user.

Bremshey Recumbent Bike

Bremshey Control ER Recumbent Cycle Specification

Length: 162cm (64 inches)   Maximum User Weight: 135kg
Width: 69cm (27 inches)   Bike Weight: 52kg
Height: 119cm (47 inches)   Power Supply: Mains operated.

Bremshey Control ER Recumbent Cycle Servicing

Bremshey Control ER Recumbent Bike

All machines purchased from HomeGym come with a warranty, and all machines are robust and reliable.

Outside of the warranty period, servicing and repairs can be arranged with our engineering department.

Please call for more details.

Recumbent Cycle

Purchase: £535.00

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