Beat your back pain

beat back pain

beat back pain

It is estimated that 4 out of 5 adults will experience back pain at some time in their lives and with over £1 billion spent on pain related costs, back pain is one of the biggest health complaints to the NHS as well as the individual.

Repetitive work, poor posture and poor lifestyle are all contributing factors to bad backs, having a massive effect on family and social relationships.

The most important rule to follow when you experience back pain is to remain active. Bed rest will only make your pain worse. Physical exercise is key to long term management and prevention of back pain. With regular exercise it is possible to improve pain, flexibility, strength and quality of life.

Having rehabilitated from being immobile herself, Fiona Lyne is a specialist in back care and visits clients at their homes helping them make the most of any equipment they own. She will tailor make exercises and help you change your diet in very small but effective ways to meet your goals. She also runs ‘Pilates for backs’ weekly in small groups.

Fiona can be contacted on 07725 722516 or by visiting her website…

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