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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • Seven ways to remain motivated

    Number 5 Positive self talk – Surround and feed yourself with positive people and resources. Take time each day to remain in-tune with your internal talk and check you are upbeat and positive. Negative thoughts lead to negative feelings which will lead to negative actions. Credit to Kathy Bell "Mind...
  • New research

    Brain scans show that skipping breakfast makes fatty, high calorie foods appear far more attractive later in the day, according to researchers. Scans of 21 people showed the brain was more attracted to food if breakfast was missed so people had more food at lunch. Scientists said it made losing...
  • Seven ways to remain motivated

    Number 4 Distractions- Don't lose your focus and fall out of the zone.  Don't slacken off and try to justify it... Credit to Kathy Bell "Mind and Body Fitness"

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