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In order to stay happy and healthy we need a good diet and regular exercise.

Unfortunately our increasingly busy lives hamper our best intentions. In order to become healthier and stronger we need to dedicate precious time that we often can't spare.

However 10 minutes per day isn’t too long and requires much less dedication.

So Vibration training may just be the answer we've all been waiting for.

Short and regular sessions on your vibration trainer will strenghen your muscles, tone your body and make you look and feel great, with very little effort.

Click here to read an article on "Vibration Training" from the BBC.

From £57 per month (£13 per week)

A typical treadmill specification is:

Power consumption:500w
Speed range:5 - 50
Amplitude:0 - 9.5mm
Max user weight: 150kg
Net unit weight: 64kg
Construction: Solid steel
Dimensions (cm):70(w) x 60(d) x 135(h)
Dimensions (inch): 2’3”(w) x 2’(d)x 4’6”(h)