Great British Weather

I was greeted this morning by my daughter’s headteacher with “Welcome to the first day of the summer.” To say it was raining would be a bit of an understatement. I answered the headteacher with “I still have to walk the dog in this.” To which she responded ” Why not buy a treadmill and let the dog take itself for a walk on it?”

As I was walking the dog in the rain, and getting more and more soaked by the minute I pondered on the conversation. Even in the summer our great British weather is full of surprises. Yes the rain was warm and not freezing cold but it would have been lovely to exercise in the dry.

This is what Homegym can help you with. Our treadmills, cross trainers and bikes can be easily installed into your home allowing you to continue training even in the midst of our Great British Summer!

As for a dog treadmill. Now that really has me thinking and could well be my next project. I wonder if our dog would likes the same music as I do when exercising or would she prefer to chase rabbits as shown on the ipad?

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