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Pure Row 3.1

The Pure Row 3.1 offers a user friendly, comfortable and attractively priced rower designed to withstand regular use.

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Product Description


The Pure Row 3.1 offers a user friendly, comfortable and attractively priced rower designed to withstand regular use. It has an 8kg magnetic resistance flywheel that keeps things running smoothly and silently. There are 16 levels of tension that can be adjusted through the hand rail preventing your from stopping to adjust.

The Pure Row 3.1 has been designed to fold up to less than a half a meter in length for extremely compact storage. 8 preset programs have also been intergrated into the LCD display along with heart rate control options and 500m time setting too for the competitive rower.


Brake system Servo motor, Permanent magnet system
Flywheel weight / rotating mass 8kg
Power supply Adapter (6V-DC - 0,5Amp) / 4 x C batteries
Foot Pedals Swivel
Length (cm-inch) 197 cm / 77.56 inch
Length Folded (cm-inch) 35 cm / 13.78 inch
Width ( cm-inch) 50 cm / 19.69 inch
Width Folded ( cm-inch) 50 cm / 19.69 inch
Height ( cm-inch) 66 cm / 25.98 inch
Height Folded ( cm-inch) 159 cm / 62.60 inch
Packaging ( LxBxH Gew. ) 57.4 kg
Maximum user weight 135 kg / 300 lbs


Adjustable console
Seat Type Soft
Telemetric HR receiver build in
Chest belt Option 5,4 Khz
Transport wheels
Operating environment Home


Program display Monochrome LCD
Feedback display time/ temperature/ humidity
Display controls Buttons & handlebar remote
Resistance levels 16
Programs total 10
Pre-set programs 8
HRC Target
Quick start/ Manual
Time/ 500 min.
Strokes p. minute

Exercise Tips

Rowing machines or 'rowers' are designed to simulate the action of rowing a boat, and they're one of the best fat-burning and body-building workouts you can have. Best of all, you do it sitting down - so rowing machine exercise doesn't put stress on your hip, knee, and ankle joints.

Firm up flabby areas
Rowing on a rowing machine is a tough workout. The constant stretching and pulling is great for firming up your stomach and backside as well as toning your limbs. You may not lose weight, but your body shape will change for the better.

Build up strength
A vigorous row can be a huge strength-booster. Rowing hard at high resistance will increase muscle and shoulder size, making you broader and more muscular.

Maintain supple limbs
When using a rowing machine you row in long, sweeping movements, which is great for maintaining flexibility. Make sure you warm up and warm down properly, though, and don't over-extend yourself when rowing - this can lead to 'hyperextension', or muscle strains.