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GO Bike 50

The GO Bike 50 is the mid-range bike. It has 15 programmes in total including 6 pre-set programmes.

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Product Description


The GO Bike 50 is the mid-range bike. It has 15 programmes in total including 6 pre-set programmes. It has 32 levels of resistance and uses a 9V adapter. Like the other models in the range is has a 6Kg fly wheel and can accommodate users up to 135Kg.


Brake system Manual, Permanent magnet system
Flywheel weight / Rotating mass 6kg / 11kg
Resistance 250W / 60rpm / 400W-100rpm
Power supply Adapter (9V-DC - 0.5Amp).
Foot pedals Open Grip
Length( cm-inch ) 106 cm - 41.73 inch
Width( cm-inch ) 143 cm - 56.30 inch
Height( cm-inch ) 143 cm - 56.30 inch
Packaging ( LxBxH Gew. ) 108x25.5x61 cm / 39.5kg
Maximum user weight 135 kg / 300 lbs

Exercise Tips

Exercise bikes can provide an excellent workout. Although cycling indoors might seem boring, exercise bikes allow you to concentrate on your workout while freeing you from concerns about weather, potholes or being knocked off by cars.

If you're looking for a simple piece of exercise equipment you can use without preparation at any time, consider an exercise bike. These machines give your legs a workout, improve your general cardiovascular fitness, and help boost weight loss. Your leg muscles are the largest in your body, so exercising them will improve your performance across a variety of disciplines - including walking and running.

A few sessions a week is fine, (start slowly) with a gentle warm up. Increasing the resistance and time every few weeks, will make your heart stronger and you'll be able to walk or run for longer distances, without getting out of breath.

Always wear loose fitting light clothing, start slowly (little and often is best), be sure to keep well hydrated and set yourself targets and keep a record. Warm down with some slow pedalling after each session.