It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you (get yourself to) do it!

We all know the importance of regular exercise, the current recommendations are to do 150 minutes of exercise each week. But how to you do that when you have a busy life and the children on summer holiday?
New research has suggested the key to completing regular exercise is to make it into a habit, therefore making exercise something you automatically do rather than thinking about when and how you are going to manage it.
Research suggests that interventions to help people start and continue exercise focus on the execution of the exercise (for example the routine you follow at the gym). However it has been found that if people focus on building instigation habits ( the actual process of going to the gym, exercising at home) it results in more frequent exercise.
For some people the instigation cue may be driving to the gym on the way home from work, for others it might be the alarm at the start of the day prompting them to exercise from home, go for a run or ride a bike.

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