Keeping fit and active as a busy parent

As we approach October, the summer holidays are over, and the kids are back at school – you can be forgiven for thinking is it really that time of year already?

With the dark nights drawing ever closer, are you finding it harder to find the time to keep fit, go to the gym or train outside and most importantly, do you have the motivation?

Perhaps as part of your busy daily routine, you can add in extra ways to keep fit and active, such as maybe walking or cycling to work once a week, or getting off the bus one stop earlier and walking home?

While these tips seem like a good idea, with our busy lives, they are not always practical with picking the kids up from school, taking them to after school clubs, cooking tea, helping with homework, the list goes on.

If you feel it would be of benefit, why not consider hiring a treadmill or cross trainer at home, and keep fit at a time that suits you, whether it is first thing in the morning or when you get home from work or the kids have gone to bed.

Don’t let the winter months hold you back from achieving your fitness goals!

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