Liquid Chlorophyll

Liquid Chlorophyll is the natural substance responsible for a plants green colour. Among its many benefits, Chlorophyll helps purify the blood, encourages proper bowel movement, helps eliminate body odour, improves liver function, acts as a rejuvenative tonic, improves circulation, reduces inflammation and helps balance the pH of the body.

Mix one teaspoon (5ml) of liquid Chlorophyll with a glass of water to enjoy this products extensive health promoting properties. In addition to a great tasting “minty drink” which the whole family can enjoy, Liquid Chlorophyll has effective cleansing properties that make it the ideal drink to have during a detox programme.

This must have health drink is just £9.95 and can be ordered from Homegym-hire by calling 0800 0432148. You’re worth it so make a change today!

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