Natural Detox.

Assist weight loss and improve general health, with a new year detox now…

Its time to flush those toxins and start a new healthy life.
Homegym have been investigating the Vitamin and Minerals market with a view to offering quality products to our clients. It is well documented that it is now necessary to supplement our daily diets with a quality selection of vitamins and minerals.
The Product pictured above is the 10 day detox (starter pack). Taken alongside a normal healthy diet this detox will flush your body of damaging toxins. This pack can boost your immune system, and help clear bacteria and parasites reducing the likelihood if disease and illness. Would you like to have more energy and stamina? feel brighter? clearer and healthier? improve your skin, lose weight and eliminate your bodys waste? Then try this 10 Day Detox.

Detox Healthy Starter Pack is just £30.00 and can be ordered from Homegym UK by calling 0800 04321 48. Its time to change your life so make the call and start to change your quality of life today, for tomorrow…

This product is not recommended if you are pregnant or feeling unwell.

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