Treadmill Hire

Treadmill hire from HomeGym UK. The treadmill is our most popular piece of rental exercise equipment. When not in use, treadmills can be folded up neatly freeing up valuable floor space for other uses…

Benefits of using a Treadmill

Treadmill exercise will improve cardiovascular fitness and tone the lower body. It provides an effective way to tone-up and lose weight, concentrating on all the major muscle groups.
Treadmills can simulate either running or walking, this means you get a full body workout as it targets both upper and lower body muscle groups.

Why Should I Hire a Treadmill from Homegym UK?

Treadmill hire is a great way to improve your fitness and achieve your goals whatever the weather without the overwhelming cost or commitment of buying a piece of fitness equipment.
All our rental treadmills are top-quality machines. They are packed with user friendly features and programmes, but are attractive and easy to use. Most of our treadmills are not practical to install upstairs, but please ask for details. All treadmills require an electricity supply.

We have a variety of different treadmills for hire in our fleet, all from top manufacturers. Each machine has been selected with a different customer profile in mind, and we consult with every individual to ensure they are matched with the correct machine.

We are treadmill hire specialists with a comprehensive understanding of how they work for each fitness goal and recommended usage. Contact us for help and advice on which treadmill you should hire.

All our treadmills fold for easy storage, have generous sized running surfaces, motored incline, training programmes and heart rate monitors. Our customers will benefit from the soft feel of the cushioned running surfaces on all our machines.


Treadmill Specification

A typical treadmill hire specification is:

Power mains: 240w
Motor: 2.5 hp
Max speed: 12 mph 20Km/h (motorised)
Running surface: 140 x 50 cm
Max user weight: 135kg
Net unit weight: 100kg
Dimensions (cm): 196 (l) 86 (w) 137 (h)
Dimensions (inch): 77 (l) 34 (w) 54 (h)
Budget home treadmill
Budget Home Treadmill
Premium treadmill
Premium Home Treadmill
Heavy intensive treadmill
Heavy Intensive Home Treadmill

Latest Fitness News and Blog

Latest Fitness News and Blog

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