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Treadmills for Sale

We have a wide range of treadmills for sale, our full range is shown below.

Owning a treadmill and using it regularly can be a great way to achieve your fitness goals, lose weight and improve your stamina. This can all be done within the comfort of your own home which is how some people work best.

Treadmills are suitable for both experienced runners and are especially useful for when the weather makes it difficult to run outside. They are also suitable for beginners, people who are just starting out on their fitness journey. Running or walking on a treadmill at home can be less daunting than exercising outside in public.

Although treadmills are expensive, depending on your usage, they can work out more cost effective for you than pay for a monthly gym membership – depending on what other equipment you might use at the gym.

We understand this investment requires careful consideration so please feel free to contact us to discuss our treadmills for sale before you take the plunge and purchase one.

Considerations when Buying a Treadmill

Whilst deciding whether or not buying a treadmill is right for you, here are some considerations you should take into account.

  • What’s the maximum user weight of the treadmill? Would that work for you and the people in your household who may also want to use it?
  • Where are you planning to locate the treadmill? Some of our treadmills are only suitable for use on the ground floor due to the level of impact they must withstand.
  • Does it have Bluetooth to be able to use the many fitness apps that you would like? Many of our treadmills have the feature so contact us to discuss.
  • Does it fold up or is it fixed? Fold up treadmills may be preferable is space is limited. Alternatively if you have the space then this feature may not be required.
  • Does it have incline? Inclines can be great for getting a harder workout in. using an incline whilst walking can burn extra calories whilst still keeping the impact level low.
  • Is it easy to use and have set programs? Set programmes can be a great way to stay on track with your fitness progress and give variation to your work-outs.

Treadmills for Sale from Homegym UK

We have a wide range of treadmills for sale.  They are suitable for various fitness abilities and different usage amounts.

If you would like more information on our treadmills for sale, please contact us today.

Alternatively, if you’re not ready to purchase a treadmill today, why not take a look at our Treadmills for Hire.

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“Just wanted to give you some positive feedback on my experience so far. I have to say the two gentlemen that delivered my treadmill were very polite, friendly and efficient. Also, I am impressed by the quality of the treadmill, I wasn’t expecting such a good quality treadmill and for it to be brand new too. I have been telling all my friends what a good service I have received and am very happy to recommend your company should anyone want to hire some home gym equipment.”

“We hired a treadmill so that my wife could keep up some gentle exercise at home while she was on maternity leave. The treadmill provided by Home Gym was perfect, a much sturdier model than I expected based on my experience of home treadmills, and at a fair price. Home Gym delivered and installed the treadmill within a few days of my enquiry and at a time convenient for us, then when it came to the end of our rental period there was no fuss – they came to pick it up immediately.”


“The bike is so quiet, and feels great. Pedling and watching the telly, sweet.”

Sam, Hants

“Bang on time! And a great looking Bike to boot!! I will be telling friends good luck”

James, Crawley

“Will be in touch to hire again, great service.”

Great Service

“What a great idea, great machines too, thank you.”

Sally, Southampton

Everybody is using the bike now, think I’ll have to start charging LOL.

“Service over and above, friendly and professional too thank you.”

Clive, Kensington

“Great service, great bike will hire again! Thanks”

“The recumbent you delivered is so silent! Very impressed.”

“Alan and Tricia are so friendly and punctual Great bike knee doing well.”

Simon, Dorchester

“I am so pleased to have used Home Gym UK for our treadmill hire. From ordering to delivery and set up the customer service communication over the phone and via email has been brilliant and the team for delivery were polite, friendly and efficient. The treadmill we hired is outstanding and the quality is amazing, perfect for our pre-summer running training. If we had more space in our flat we would have definitely liked to keep it longer. A big thanks to the team, very pleased with the whole experience.”


“Alan and Tricia often have ideas and advice on training for specific events which is invaluable. I have referred HomeGym UK many times over the last few years and know that my friends are all happy.”

James, Gosport

“All we were expecting and a whole heap more thanks a mill.”

Jo, Southampton

“Building up a good sweat, thanks for the prompt delivery.”

Colin, Blandford

“Thanks for the newsletter and tips, training going well.”

Paul, Guilford

“The spinner is fab thank you, I even found a DVD on ebay, Loving it.”

Cheryl, Haywards Heath

“Just what the physio ordered rehab exercise has never been so easy.”

Andy, Parkstone

“My friend told me about you and now I have recommended you as well Thanks”

Zoe, Blandford

“My bike turned up the day after I made the first call, It’s great Thank you.”

Garath, Poole

“I love that I don’t own a large cumbersome piece of machinery that I know I will get bored of after a few weeks!”

Natalie, Petersfield

“I’ll be calling HG again soon to get hooked up to another treadmill ahead of the Brighton marathon.”

Sally, Weymouth

“I have been renting machines from HomeGym UK over the last 3 years. From the Treadmills to the Vibration Trainers each piece of equipment has arrived at a time to suit me in mint condition with instructions and top tips for successful use.”

Sarah, Lymington