Six exercise tips for the over fifties…

Everyone should get some regular exercise, and is especially important for people over 50. As we age, the risk of serious health problems increases.

Seniors need to be more aware of the risks of exercise, too. Older joints are more prone to swelling and arthritis, and bones can be more brittle. You can get plenty of exercise, and do it safely as long as you keep a few fitness tips in mind.

1) Look for fun, low-impact exercises to minimize stress on the joints like the knees, hips, elbows and ankles.

2) Look for exercises that increase flexibility and strength. Stretching is low-impact and can help with balance and flexibility, as well.


3) Don’t forget strength training. You don’t have to pump iron to get in a good strength training workout. Resistance bands are great, used while just sitting in a chair, they can increase strength and flexibility.

4) Dancing can be fun and great exercise as long as you avoid jumping and any twisting movements. If you’re working out with a DVD or in a class, simply don’t jump when the instructor does.

5) Most exercises can be adapted to be lower-impact if you find you enjoy a particular movement. A crosstrainer or recumbent bike are ideal training aids and can actually be a great, safe workout if used properly.

6) Consider water aerobics and exercise. This is one of the most low-impact forms of exercise available. The buoyancy of the water cushions the joints and makes the movements smooth. Gentle swimming is really good for your flexibility.  Great machines for hire go to the website

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