Top Life Saving Supefoods

What are the top life saving superfoods:

1. Red grapefruit

Eating just one of these fruits a day will help to lower cholesterol by about 20%.

2. Broccoli

Containing vitamin K, Brocoli helps to regulate insulin, so you have less chance of developing diabetes or being obese.

3. Cranberry juice

Just three glasses per day will lower your risk of heart disease by 40%.

4. Avocados

Containing potassium, which (if combined with a low sodium diet) helps protect against high blood pressure and stroke.

5. Brown rice

This helps to lower your risk of diabetes (due to having vitamin B1)

6. Black turtle beans

The antioxidants are great for helping to fend off diseases. Eaten by Costa Rica’s Chorotega tribe has helped them have the most centenarians on the planet!

7. Watercress

Helps increases levels of cancer-fighting antioxidants such as lutein & beta-carotene – try 85g to get the maximum benefit.

8. Coffee

Just four cups a day is suggested to reduce your risk of dying of heart disease by upto 53%.

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