Top tips for a healthy holiday!

Looking forward to a well earned holiday in the sun?

Why not make a plan to make sure your body is prepared, and avoid illness, and putting on weight.

Tip 1)  Avoid excessive eating

Before you go away, cut down on snacks before meals, and be careful what you eat when on holiday

Studies that in 2 weeks on holiday, we put on between 2 – 4 extra pounds

Tip 2)  Prepare your body for different foods

Eating bio yogurts can help prepare your body for “exotic foods and helps to line your stomach and flush out any unwanted bacteria whilst on holidays, especially in hotter climates.

Tip 3)  Avoid eating sweet foods

This will help ward off insects and bugs, and should reduce the risk of  bites and infections.

Add  garlic to your diet which is a great antiviral remedy.

Tip 4)  Start to relax and look forward to your holiday

Being stressed before your holiday increases certain types of hormones in your body, that suppresses our natural immune system  reducing our ability to fight infections.

Tip 5)  Think about your skin – moisturize before you go

If you can prepare your skin for the heat, then it minimizes the risk of getting burnt.

Tip 6)  Avoid excessive alcohol.

Give your liver a chance to reduce the amount of toxins in your body before you go.

Enjoy your holiday!

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