Why Rent an Upright Bike?

Why not Rent an Exercise Bike?

Upright bikes are one of the most both popular and affordable types of Fitness Equipment and here is why.

To begin with, upright bikes (exercise bikes) offer a proven and trusted entry route for those seeking high quality aerobic training equipment without breaking the bank.

The build and engineering required to build a decent, reliable exercise bike is far more modest than for a Treadmill for instance.

Cycling movement itself is another reason; most people can ride a bike – there’s very little co-ordination needed and the weight-bearing nature of the exercise makes it particularly easy on the joints, hips, knees and ankles – ideal for beginners, the elderly or those suffering or recovering from injury.

The main reason is that cycling is also a fantastic cardiovascular exercise and great fun!

Why not give it a try and rent one today!

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